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Get Up and Shine - The Best Anti Aging Product in a Bottle

One of the questions most asked by women of all ages is ‘Do Anti-Aging Creams and Serums actually work?” – the answer to this in most cases is a very loud NO!

Why don’t most Anti Aging Serums and Creams work?

Skin is designed to protect you and not allow things that might damage your body to be absorbed. For something to be absorbed into your skin the molecules in that cream/serum must be microscopically small and ‘active’ and its extremely difficult to manufacture an ‘over the counter’ cream that meets this requirement – in fact, most popular brands, including those with Celebrity Doctor names on them just don’t meet these requirements – and price does not reflect efficacy in most cases!

Even if you see some changes to your skin with a topical serum or cream its probably just adding moisture to the skin’s surface and will be removed as soon as you wash or cleanse your skin – its not making lasting changes to your skins structure.

We also just think about skin aging on our faces, but what about or necks and decolletages? What out the skin on our hands, arms and legs? You can’t bath in a serum!

So what's the solution to Anti-Aging for the whole body?

The Best Anti-Aging Solutions work from the Inside Out. Its an old saying but how you live your life shows on your face! That’s why diet and exercise are critical to aging well. While we need to eat well we can give our bodies a helping hand in the aging process by using a supplement liquid designed to not only help slow down the aging process but create visible changes to your hair, skin and nails so that you glow with good health.  

Not only that, the other ingredients in our Liquid will also benefit your gut health and mental health - they will also give you increased energy.  Its this winning combination of inner and outer beauty from Live to Shine that will make a visible difference to you and how the world sees you.


When we decided to develop our Liquid Supplement we looked at what was actually showing visible results to skin, hair and nails, what was really improving gut health and what would really help you feel better about life and give you the energy to maximize your day

 Then we got to work to combine those ingredients into one incredible liquid.


Collagen – The benefits of Liquid Collagen are well known:

·      Slows the formation of lines and wrinkles

·      Improves the skins ability to absorb and maintain moisture

·      Reduces skin pigmentation

·      Improves elasticity and firmness

·      Encourages cell rejuvenation

·      Improves skin texture

·      Improves density and thickness of skin

14 Strain Probiotic – there is a growing body of evidence that probiotics help prevent and treat skin conditions including eczema, acne, dry skin and UV damage plus:

·      Gut health has been linked to mood and mental health and studies found the Bifidobacterium and Lactobacilius strains used for 1-2 months can improve anxiety, depression and memory

·      Another study showed benefits for general health, depression, anxiety and stress

·      Probiotics may help boost your immune system

Calcium – Like it or not, your body changes as you age – this aging is far more obvious if you start to lose muscle and your bones become brittle – if you want to delay aging you need to begin taking calcium in your early 30’s! – Other benefits of calcium are:

·      Supports bone health and keeps them strong while you age

·      Helps regulate muscle contractions

·      Helps maintain body weight

·      Strengthens teeth

·      Lessens PMS

·      Supports heart health

Magnesium – it plays a crucial role in supporting muscle and nerve function and is essential to maintaining good health because its major role is to act as a helper for enzymes – so it helps make your body work!

·      It helps move blood sugar into your muscles to help dispose of lactate

·      Professional athletes have experienced improved performance and less muscle damage in tests

·      It plays a crucial role in brain function and mood and low levels have been linked to depression

·      It lowers your risk of Type 2 Diabetes

·      It plays an important role in keeping your heart healthy and strong

·      Its anti-inflammatory which helps prevent aging 

·      Magnesium deficiency may increase incidence of migraine and its use may reduce migraine symptoms

·      May help with PMS symptoms such as water retention, cramps and headaches

·      Helps maintain bone health

·      May help you fall asleep faster

·      May help reduce mild to moderate anxiety

B Vitamins have long been known for their ‘energy’ giving properties but they also help enzymes do their jobs like breaking down carbs and transporting them through the body.

We’ve chosen 3 crucial B Vitamins to include in Live To Shine as we believe they’re the ones that most meet our challenge of giving you an elixir that would help you Rise and Shine and power through the day!

Vitamin B12 

·      Increases energy

·      Helps in the formation of blood cells

·      Supports bone health

·      Supports healthy hair, skin and nails

·      Benefits brain health

·      Improves heart health

·      Improves your mood

·      Supports the nervous system

Vitamin B6

·      Boosts immune system 

·      Improves metabolic rate

·      Aids in maintaining healthy hormone levels

·      Aids in the proper functioning of the nervous system

·      Helps treat skin conditions 

·      Helps with hair loss

·      Protects the heart and kidneys

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

·      Improves digestion

·      Relieves skin irritations

·      Helps lower blood pressure

·      Improves cholesterol levels

·      Maintains skin health

·      Helps join mobility and arthritis

Finally we've added the crucial anti-aging and energy giving AntiOxidants!

Guarana Seed and Green Tea Extract

·      Boosts metabolism

·      Sustains energy release

·      Promotes focus and concentration

·      High in Antioxidants

·      Supports weight loss

·      Supports digestive function

·      Helps skin to glow

Improves mental function and enhances positivity 

"Amazing start to my Day - I absolutely love this product …I have noticed that my hair is not so fine or thin and my nail tech is in love with the hardness of my noticeably thin nails" Hanna USA Customer

"Better Mood and Clearer Skin - This is a great liquid probiotic/vitamin supplement. The main thing I have noticed is my mood has been better. I also think my skin is clearer and softer." Halla USA Customer

If you lead a busy active life and you’re taking a regime of supplements to help you cope. 

If you’re fighting a losing battle with fine lines and wrinkles appearing despite using expensive creams and serums. 

If you want to see a visible difference in your hair and nails.

If you want your skin to glow with good health

This liquid formula has been made for you! 

We’ve been getting incredible reviews from women who are really noticing major changes in their hair, skin and nails, their energy and their feelings of positivity – They’re loving the extra energy they’re feeling and the increase in focus and concentration they’re noticing.

You’ve got nothing to lose – try it for one month and really see and feel the difference.

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