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All Live To Shine patches are USA made and contain all natural, over-the-counter ingredients.

The patches are latex free, lactose free, gluten free, sugar free, no GMO and Vegan friendly, still some people may see some minor redness and irritation at site. To avoid and prevent this - rotate the patch location after each application.

The LiveToShine patches are odorless and most times, will stay on after a shower until you remove them.


They are about 1.5 inch square

The patches are water resistant and depending on your skin type, most people have no problem with them coming off in the shower.

The vitamin and nutritional ingredients in LiveToShine Patches are delivered slowly over many hours, hence the term Time Release Delivery system. All our vitamin patches are “time-release delivery” and designed and formulated for each specific patch. And you achieve maximum health benefits through this clever absorbtion method.

It's important to remember that the ingredients in a topical or transdermal patch go straight into the bloodstream, absorbed from your skin. An oral capsule, tablet or drink is absorbed via the stomach where it does battle with your digestive system which can result in up to 90% of the dosage being degraded or destroyed. This is why a much smaller dose is required in a topical patch for maximum benefit.

All the ingredients of each patch variety are shown on the 'back of pack' shot on our Amazon Listing. Obviously they are also listed on the back of the pack itself plus the use instructions.

Your patch can be left on for up to 24 hours with no problem. Do not place a patch back on the same spot for at least 4 days (to give your skin time to breath before the next application) - this will prevent any reaction or redness

If the instrucitons say 1 patch per day, there are 30 patches per box. If the instructions say 1 patch every 2nd day, there are 18 patches per box. ALL BOXES CONTAIN ONE MONTHS' SUPPLY

The Turmeric Curcumin Patch is an alternative to taking a tablet or capsule - designed for those that don't like taking big ugly pills or find swallowing them difficult. We recommend it be applied to a clean, oil free part of your body, like your shoulder although anecdotally we have heard that you can place it where you are experiencing pain or discomfort.

All the ingredients are listed on the back of the pack and shown in our listing. There is 9.78mg of Magnesium. Please remember when you take a nutrient in the form a pill, it has to be digested via your stomach where it is bombarded by stomach acids and then via your liver - this is why the dosage on pills is so high to compared to our patches.

We use Calcium Carbonate in our patches. Calcium Carbonate actually contains more calcium than Calcium Nitrate, which is used in most oral forms of Calcium. Because a patch absorbtion bypasses the stomach, you don't have to worry about upset stomachs or gas so you can use this stronger form in our transdermal patches.

All the ingredients are listed on the back of the pack and shown in our listing. There is 32.6mg of Calcium in every patch but you can't compare that to what you take in a tablet. Because tablets and pills have to go through your digestive system they are broken down considerably, so you really don't know who much of the original dose you are actually receiving. This doesn't happen with a patch which goes straight into your blood stream and the full amount is delivered.

Our circadian rhythm tells us when to be awake and when to sleep. Travel disrupts this internal clock. The mismatch between your internal sleep-wake cycle and the time at your destination can contribute to jet lag symptoms. Melatonin has been found to decrease jet lag in people crossing five or more time zones. This decrease in jet lag was seen when melatonin was taken close to the local bedtime at the destination. On your flight you should also stay hydrated and limit caffeine and alcohol consumption. Finally stay on your new time zone and try to go to bed at a time that would be normal for that time zone. So stay awake until bedtime in your new time zone and then apply your Melatonin Patch 20 minutes before bedtime. We have great reviews on our Melatonin Patch and I have personally used it with great success when travelling.

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We are incredibly proud of our products and stand by their quality and want our customers to be happy with their purchase. If, for any reason, you are not happy, please make contact and let us get it sorted! We will either replace or refund depending on the circumstances and what you want.

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